Win 2020
President Trump has done an incredible job taking on the deep state, exposing corruption, and kick-starting not only the economy, but the soul of America. But his greatest failing is doing almost nothing to defend free speech and expression as enshrined in the 1st amendment - the most basic and cherished birth right of all Americans.
We know President Trump listens to his constituents, We The People of America. We are not going to sit here and leave it to the bureaucrats, corporate cronies, and lobbyists in D.C. to pressure trump to do the right thing, because we know it will never happen.
I know the fires of liberty are burning bright in your mind, heart, and soul; that’s why you’re on this website. So once you’ve decided to take on this mission, sign up below and we’ll send you a pack of 20 stickers for free to help you begin the journey to victory. And whatever you do, please spread the above video to others so that they too can take part in this epic quest.
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